English for International Communication (EIC)

EIC improves non-native speakers’ ability to communicate effectively in the world through English, be this for business, travel, international research, diplomacy, or even simply social interaction. It develops practical language proficiency for international success.

If you are looking to enhance your English communication skills for international professional situations, then you had better check out EIC! Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • EIC is all about effective communication between people from different countries and languages who happen to have English as a common language.
  • It is designed to facilitate communication in various professional and social settings, such as business, politics, and academia.
  • EIC involves developing skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with a particular focus on intercultural communication and awareness.
  • Universities, language schools, and other institutions that provide language instruction offer EIC courses.
  • Enrollment in an EIC program depends on your needs. However, B2 is considered the absolute minimum for international communication, while C1 is considered the minimum for effective international communication. For professions such as international journalism, post-graduate research, international interpreting, and international diplomacy – through English, of course – C2 (proficiency) is a must.
  • EIC courses may include training in specific areas such as negotiation, presentation skills, and cross-cultural communication.
  • Apart from language instruction, EIC programs may also provide cultural orientation and support services to help international professionals adapt to the social and professional culture of the host country.
  • This can include more basic level EIC programs for family members who accompany the professional.
  • EIC certifications like General IELTS, TOEIC, and the Cambridge Suite are recognized by many employers and countries worldwide and can boost your career opportunities. However, EIC programs generally do not include preparation for these examinations.

In summary, EIC is all about sharpening your language and intercultural communication skills for successful interaction in global professional and other contexts. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for an EIC course now and get ready to take on the world!

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