Causative result sentences (نقش وصفی)

نکته: ﺟﻤﻼت ﺳﺒﺒﯽ ﻣﺠﻬﻮﻟﻨﺪ ﭼﻮن ﮐﻨﻨﺪهي ﮐﺎر ﻣﻌﻠﻮم ﻧﯿﺴﺖ. ﻣﺜﺎل:

  • I had my car fixed. (causative result, when the subject cannot get to the results so they have to have someone else to do.) (simple fact)
  •  I made/had him open (infinitive) (it is not causative result; it is a causative action) the bag.
  • I had him open the bag. (a simple fact) (I am not allowed to open the bag; he has to open the bag)

         Ask, make, have, get

  • I got him to open the bag (I could open the bag but I prefer to get him to open the bag].
  • I forced him to open the bag (I wanted him to open.]
  • I ask him to open the bag. When the context is, we have a goal, intention, purpose, we use TO. (I could not open the bag)

         Rod, why do we use TO                   sometimes?
        Thank you.

        I have my car washed. می دهم ماشینم را بشویند

ﺗﻤﺮﯾﻦ: ﺟﻤﻼت زﯾﺮ را ﺑﻪ اﻧﮕﻠﯿﺴﯽ ﺗﺮﺟﻤﻪ ﮐﻨﯿﺪ:

 ﻣﯿﺪﻫﻢ ﻣﻮﻫﺎﯾﻢ را ﮐﻮﺗﺎه ﮐﻨﻨﺪ.
 ﺧﻮاﻫﻢ داد ﻣﻮﻫﺎﯾﻢ را ﮐﻮﺗﺎه ﮐﻨﻨﺪ.
 دادم ﺧﺎﻧﻪ ام را ﺗﻌﻤﯿﺮ ﮐﻨﻨﺪ.
 دادم ﮐﻔﺶ ﻫﺎﯾﻢ را واﮐﺲ ﺑﺰﻧﻨﺪ.
 ﻣﯿﺨﻮاﻫﻢ ﺑﺪﻫﻢ ﺧﺎﻧﻪ ام را رﻧﮓ ﮐﻨﻨﺪ.
 ﻣﯿﺨﻮاﻫﻢ ﺑﺪﻫﻢ ﭘﯿﺮاﻫﻨﻢ را اﺗﻮ ﮐﻨﻨﺪ.
 دﯾﺮوز دادم ﻣﻮﻫﺎي ﺑﭽﻪ ام را ﮐﻮﺗﺎه ﮐﻨﻨﺪ.
 ﻣﯽﺧﻮاﻫﻢ ﺑﺪﻫﻢ ﻋﻠﯽ را ﺑﮑﺸﻨﺪ.
 ﻣﯽﺧﻮاﻫﻢ ﺑﺪﻫﻢ ﺳﻮاﻻﺗﻢ را ﺟﻮاب ﺑﺪﻫﻨﺪ.
 ﻣﯿﺨﻮاﻫﻢ ﺑﺪﻫﻢ ﻣﻘﺎﻟﻪ ام را ﺗﺮﺟﻤﻪ ﮐﻨﻨﺪ.

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